Pardon Tillinghast was born in the early 1620s near Beachy Head in Seven Cliffs, Sussex, England. These are his marriages and children, grandchildren via son Benjamin, and great-grandchildren via Mercy Tillinghast Arnold.
Edward Taylor was born in 1642. He is considered by some to be the foremost Colonial poet. He had two wives and 14 children before his death in 1729.
Two trends I'm seeing in genealogy research - history and ChatGPT
The known marriages and children of John Aplin.
The Lineage Research Space on Quora has had quite a few questions submitted lately, many of them pertaining to the origins of certain surnames. If you…
One of the lineages in the second volume of My Lineage from the Roots Up, which I am currently finishing, goes back to Margery de Marynes who married…
The Arnold Family of Rhode Island and a Revolutionary Traitor
George Rownes (or Ronnes, Roanes, Roans, Rounds, Rownds) was born in or around 1855 in Bilston, Staffordshire, England. He married Ruth Ricketts around…
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